Thursday, December 22, 2011


have you ever felt overwhelmed with everything? I have.
This week is going to be an overwhelming week. I got chemo Friday, a Christmas play Friday, and to top it great gramma is coming ...i dont even know her so I guess...i cant say thats an overwhelming part...but still
oh ya! did i mention that Friday I ALSO get a stinkin MRI!!
im happy i get to watch movies. gotta make sure not to laugh though c(:
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Friday, November 25, 2011

omg really???!!

so today i go to the hospital and the doctors put on two pairs of gloves before giving me chemotherapy. i asked why they do that and they told me that its incase it gets on them. i asked why it would matter and they said it would burn their skin if it got on them!!
i am freaked out! that stuff is traveling through my body! comment on what u think bout that

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving everyone!!
i just wanted y'all to know that i am thankful i have viewers like you guys! it makes me happy to see all the views i get!!
imm thankful for the doctors at the children's hospital.
im thankful for my mom who is a strong beautiful smart outgoing person.
im thankful for both my dads. Rich who is smart, brave, thoughtful, funny, and strong.
im thankful for my dad Troy. who is strong, brave, and loving.
im thankful for my step mom Robbin who is beautiful also, and kind and helpful.
im thankful for my aunts uncles and cousins and grandparents too because well they will always be there for my family. even if they dont say that much to us
im thankful for good friends (all of u)
im thankful that i have a warm house to come home to after school.
im thankful for God, who will ALWAYS be with me no matter what. i know that whatever happens, its because he knew it would turn out for the best one day. even though it might be confusing on why he does what he does. it will always be best. if you dont believe that now, someday you keep smiling. be life not focused on what others think

Saturday, November 5, 2011

nasty port!!!! -.-

okay so i come to the hospital THINKING i was all numbed up and ready to go! but i as fooling myself i knew it was gonna hurt, and it did! i got 4 pokes while i was there :( lemme tell u it didnt feel to least ice actually saved the day and got me all numbed up...just a heads up the ummm i forget what its called...i calll it numbing cream.....well the numbing cream takes an HOUR to start working! well that would've been good to know...haha...BEST part of the day was being with my mom "soaking" as we call it...its where we get a soda and talk :).....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Look good....feel better"

this was a great opportunity to get some good make-up! it was at the childrens hospital last night and it was very fun. another girl and I were there and we were given make up lessons. the lady teaching us how to put on make-up did make up for famous people!this organization is also for boys. there was alot of wigs there. i picked a punk rock one and a blonde poofy one like the girls from the movie "hairspray" wear. they were both for fun.
i loved this and hope to do something like it again soon

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hey guys!

im sooo excited! Today i got to ride in a limo! to a buffet called cinzetis (i dunno if its spelled right....its italian)
we were the center of attention (me and everyone who sold the most cookie dough out of the whole school which was 6 other kids & me)
we all became friends immediately and swapped phone numbers.
the people who i met were VERY nice. the girls were very bubbly and fun and the ONE dude was very nice...and polite.
it was awesome staring at people and knowing they couldnt see us through the window of the limo.
i saw some dudes trying to chase the limo...but they were easily passed up by our limo.
it was so awkward to come back to school with everyones eyes on us. now i know how famous people felt their first...couple times of arriving somewhere like that. AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


my day started out like any ordinary Saturday, tired and sleepy waking up all nice and cozy warm in my huge comforter. As I start to wake up a little bit more, I realize that today is the day I go to meet the lacrosse team! I get dressed and ready to go. I am super excited, I can't wait to meet my team!
as we approach the BIG brown building I get excited all over again! (Not to mention starving!)
when we get inside I meet everyone and eat a yummy hot breakfast mmmm french toast that tasted like cake, eggs that were SUPER fluffy, and bacon that was just PERFECT.
After that I get to go and see my locker! YEP i got a locker, AND NEW GEAR! So we played the Wii for a while after that and i sucked helium outta my balloons by the way it way hilarious to hear myself laugh! And after that i got a tour of the whole campus. it is very pretty filled with flowers and green fields. After the tour i got to watch an intense game...I even heard someone say one of the girls got whacked in the face! It was super hot while I was on the field! I don't know how they can put up with it all the time. After the game I got my gear signed and then started to pack up and go home. I said my thank you's and goodbyes then we were on our way home. After the perfect day, I had a good night sleep, and that's where I leave you now. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011


i cant believe this had to happen to me!!
so i came to cooking class..same as any normal day. and this time we were making SALSA and homemade chips... yummy....and well i always wanted to be a chef and cut thing up really know ...dice things...and well the onion was a little tough and so i was pushing on it with the knife as hard as i could (THE ONES WHO ARE EASILY QUEASY STOP READING) and the knife went through the onion a little fast...faster then i had hoped...and i WAS gonna move my thumb..but it went down without me realizing it...and it was too late...I HAD CUT MY da bone!!! a few mins after this i was taking to urgent care and waited in the waiting room for half an hour...then the process of stitches was a long one...then the worst part of it came...the shots!they put TWO FREAKING SHOTS INTO MY CUT they hurt like a well imagine a bee sting no...wasp stinging you over and over...when you have a sunburn (a really bad one) now i am in the process of healing...and it still hurts!! :( amzingly enough..pain didnt hit me till 2 mins later

Saturday, September 10, 2011

sorry it took soooooo long.....well heres the camp pics!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

hi people!

sorry its been soooo long! i have had a pretty good month...Stephanie came to visit. School started. I haven't had any bad reactions to chemo yet. Gretchen my pen pal (who's a dog) sent me a MINI pillow pet! that was the HIGHLIGHT of my week.....i have been very tired. It feels like ALL my energy is gone...just drained out of me. I started this thing called "beads of courage"
I already made a full neckalace :) . Only ONE more thing to say. I LOVE U STEPHANIE! CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT VISIT!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


so yesterday i went to the childrens hospital ready for an MRI and chemotherapy, but when we got there we found out that they cancelled the MRI and that my counts are too low for chemo this week. so we practically went there for nothing. I AM SUPER TIRED........sorry :).... but im strangly energetic around midnight. IMMA MONKEY! .....sorry :) next week im gonna try to get those counts up so i can have chemo to fix my head. IMMA GOOFY GOOBER YA!......sorry :).....till next time.
-bailey ^.^

Monday, July 25, 2011


Bailey with a couple of the Broncos!  Hubba Hubba!

Monday, July 18, 2011


so i went to camp for three days and in those three days i got to see horses, catch THREE fish in less then a hour, make arts and craft projects like a bird house, and a hourse shoe picture frame. i didnt get to stay as long as the other campers because i got very sick. i had a fever of 104! how they first found out was, i had asked the nurse to bring up some spray that nums your throat because mine was hurting like crazy. then i guess i fell asleep and she felt my face. she went back to the "depo" which is like a nurses office. and she brought back a thermometer. she then woke me up and got me outside when it was pitch black out. of course i was crying beacuse i knew they'd have to access me at the depo and i knew i would end up having to go home. so they accessed me, took blood pressure and heart rate, then they took blood. in the morning i was sent to the emergency room but my parents had to take me. it took at least 4 hours to get there through all the traffic. i had to spend the night at the hospital for five days until my white blood cell count went up. but one of those five long days, THE BRONCOS visited me! i was sooooo happy! and when we went home i had to tell the story as much as i could.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Bailey is away at camp....Leave your message and she will get them when she returns!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet my TUMORS!!!!

This is the tumor that I am getting chemotherapy for. It is located on my corpus callorum and Drs. are saying that even a biopsy would be dangerous for me. The chemo I was on didn't work, so now I will go on a different chemo and we will recheck this tumor in 3 months.
Drs say this tumor was barely seen in August 2010. Then in March 2011, it was about the size of an M&M....then i was rescanned in June 2011 and it has almost doubled!!! Even while I was spending all that time doing chemo!

This is another tumor called a Aucustic Neuroma. Drs are worried about this one, but not as much as the other one. For this tumor I just get hearing checks every 3 months. So far so good.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today started out when my mom woke me up at 5:25 AM. I was very tired and was constintly tripping over myself. My mom brought into the car some cinimon rolls, (which are not my favorite breakfast) I was very thankful for the sweet, sticky, bread roll. Alltough I didn't eat it all. The whole day was going from one doctor to the next. First I went to get a MRI (that takes very good pictures of my insides, but I hate how loud it was) I got to watch "Pirates of The Carribean" during my MRI. The worst part was when they stuck me with needles THREE different times! Two (one on each elbow) and one that finaly worked (in my hand). After that I went to get a hearing test (I HATE the pressure test) I did pretty goood though on that test. Next stop was my chemo. I get on my numming cream (as I call it) and wait to be called in. As they got to the last part of chemo they came up with my MRI scan results. Unfortunatly, I failed this see.. my brain tumor actually grew! This was not good news for me. My mom starts crying and then I realized how serious it was. The ride home was a quiet one. But I did get a of my most favorite frozen drinks. when I got home my parents went to talk about what happened. I fell asleep when I was supposed to be babysitting...I don't think they were too happy about that. Finally, later on in our day I felt well enough to go swimming. I loge the feel of cold water on my face that was burning in the sun. After that we ate dinner, got washed up, and took a well deserved rest
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So last night I went to this thing near the children's hospital with my friend Mujda.

It was ALOT of fun.First we went to get hair and make up done. Then we had to wait till six (we got done at four). While the chemo prom was going 0on they had food and music. I'm not a dancer so i just stood there. Ever hear of the show "DC cupcakes"? Well they gave us some of their cupcakes. They were not as good as they looked though. OVERALL it was a very fun night.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I get to go to two different camps this summer in July. I am very excited! I get to be with all my friends that i have missed sooooooooo much!!! I get to go somewhere everyday. Not sure of the age ranges, but it is a great camp (camp kostopolus) if you guys want, you can look it up and if you have kids maybe think about letting them go. I think it is a great opportunity for kids to meet other kids and have a great time.

----------> website for camo K..---------> htttp://

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Im off chemo for two weeks now :D! I really got tired of it, I am very happy I get time off. I'm loosing hair and weight cuz of the chemo. I'm also loosing my apppetite but i try not to let it get the best of me. I pull through every day and try to keep a good attitude.

Monday, May 30, 2011


I love Whinnie The Pooh

Ilove all of u guys.

i love my mom

i love Jungle Book because it is my favorite cartoon movie.

i love my dad and my mom.

i love angels and can't wait to be one.

i love looking at pictures from space.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


6th week of chemo coming up....i hate this....the side effects give me a cut tongue and mouth sores...i'm not sure what else yet. I know that it makes me tired. I know that it ruins my appitite. But the ONE good thing that comes out of it is being with my mom.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011


So i found out that i got good grades in math and science for so long that i get to do something very fun.........ELITCHES!!!! Elitches is a fun theme park. The one here has a......HUMAN SLINGSHOT!!!! I was very excited when i heard about this. I went home that day still very excited. I handedit to my mom making it look like it was bad news....but it kinda was ruined since i ripped open the envelope then taped it back. When she saw that i was smiling she knew what it must be. And so starts my adventure into a park i have never been to. Oh and i'm going on the human slingshot with my science teacher....that'll be fun :D
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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am going to be going to a camp this summer that is through the children's hospital I think. That camp is gonna be for a week and they will do chemo there (ugh). School is going good, i have very good grades now and i get to go to elitches (theme park)...It's for people who have good grades in math and science. My friends and i are going. I am excited and maybe will be brave enough to do the human sling shot!.
I am also going to the another camp, where I met Philip Servano. He's the kid from the MtV show, and has Neurofibromatosis. He's very nice. I think it will be a great summer!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


first of all i gotta say that if u are looking for someone who u want to care for a bf then plz plz plz plz PLZ choose wisely. so for now i have two weeks off of chemo and I'm glad. nothing much to say today except for choose guys/girls wisely u don't wanna end up with the wrong person. my mom told me how this college team is gonna "adopt" me into their team and it's a lacrosse team and i will get to go to their games for free and hang out with them just some stuff to keep my mind off cemo. till next time

Friday, April 22, 2011


hey everyone wutz up? today was a bad day for me i felt bad all day and hardly ate or drank anything. whats good bout my anti-nausia pills is that they work almost right away.happy easter everyone! so yea if u have looked at my facebook you'd know whats goin on :). i am now off for two weeks with chemo.that makes me happy.this time they had to use a bigger more painful needle. it was not fun at all. and before that i hit my head and now i got a bruise from the car luck seemed bad.........but it has gotten ALOT better:) until next time :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dr. Laura

i was so excited when i heard doctor Laura talk about me on her radio show!my mom is going to try to get u guys a clip so that u can listen to it if u haven't already. So fourth time of chemo next wednesday and then i have two days off. this week was not a fun week i have been sore and havin ear aches alot. school is gettin easier though.chemo therapy makes u tired or sick. to help, what i do is take a hot bath and stay in there for like 2 hours :) i also like to eat noodles when im not feelin too well, just plain noodles cuz they dont upset ur stomache. well i guess thats all for now. :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

hi everyone! c(:

Hi everyone! how are all of you doing? I guess I'm okay except for being sick. I heard that Dr. Laura choose my blog for...........something I'm not sure what. This weeks chemo therapy went okay. They got the neelde stuck into a wrong spot and it hurt to move the needle while it was still inside me. I found out that a college student wants to "adopt" me. Like have fun with me and do stuff, kinda like a big sister. I am very excited because i have always wanted a big sister. :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


so right now i'm sitting in the infusion chair getting my chemo therapy. they put a needle in my port called a butterfly. i would like to say thanks to all of you who have been supporting me.and thanks for paying attention to me and my blog, i will really try to keep you guys updated. luv all of u!

Friday, April 1, 2011

hi again

hey people did you make a new friend yet? if you are wondering how i feel, i am okay. i am tired, and sore. i hope all is well with all of you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

say what??!!

so today at church everyone in my class prayed for me and my surgery for tomorrow. the preacher from our church is going to anoint me with oil.everyone is praying for me. i MIGHT have to stay overnight at the hospital.wish me luck guys!

Friday, March 25, 2011


make a friend in two days! my surgury is coming up soon! thnx guys!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


there has been two girls on my bus making fun of my friend Ashton and just really being plain out mean!
today i almost went ninja on them. i have been too afraid to say anything, the bus driver sees it because we are in the front. Our bus driver Claudia doesn't do anything though. once i even told her that a kid had a pocket knife on the bus....a while later like weeks later she still did nothing so i went to the counselor....she ASKED the kid if he had a knife..of course he's gonna say no. so know someone who is potentially deadly to all of us kids at school has been let off the hook. there is bullies all around us, some of them might even be our friends making fun of others, i thinks that in NO way is bullying okay. but i also know that they talk out of their own insecurities. sometimes bullys are bullys because they wanna be your friend. i asked one of my bullies to be my friend, it turned out that, that was all she really wanted in the first place. like i said its the insecurity thing, she didn't know how to ask me to be her friend. i want all of you to try to make a friend by the time the stewie clock on my blog runs out of time. NOW GET OUT THERE AND MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY!

Relying on God!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank You Jenni!!!!




Thursday, March 17, 2011



Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love my teachers! Mrs. Stone is super nice and cares very much about me she is one of my favorite teachers! Mr. Harris makes science fun, I love his attitude in science. He makes me laugh just about everyday. Mrs. Piyrah is a very nice and caring teacher, some people say they don't like her class, i can't find one flaw with her class though. Mrs. Piyrah cares about her students very much.
Mrs. Kole is also a very good teacher, she always greets me with a smile, she always has a good attitude, she is a very generous person also.
Mrs. Cox is an awesome teacher because she always has a good attitude, she is always up beat and thinking positive.
Mrs. Laydon is a very nice teacher, she is always happy to spend lunch with me. She is a bit of a pushover with the kids i think though, but it isn't a bad thing :).
Mrs. Kraus is always bringing her good attitude. Mrs. Kraus is a very kind spirited person.
Mrs. Taylor, i love how nice she always is to me, she also has a very good attitude.
Mrs. Little she has a very good sense of humor, she is a very nice teacher also.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


so chemo is going to happen for sure on the 28th of march.......the day spring break starts. first i will go into surgury for half an hour and then they will start chemo immediatly after.i'm worried, and sometimes i want everyday to go by as slow as it can. but i know thst once this happens it'll be for the better. and thanks to everyone who has been supporting me, espeacially christina and stephanie, and most of all, my mom. how they put chemo in me is they put a needle that looks like a butterfly into my port and then i have to stay for like an hour while the medicine drips into me. everyone has their time to worry, but this is not my time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


although i'm worried bout my upcoming surgury (port) i know i must push on with life. You can't go through life worrying about what could happen, make the best out of what u have! Yeah i have a tumor, but who gives a care? I sure don't. I have friends and family who care bout me, that's what makes me happy most of all. altough an ipod would be great too. I try to focus on things to make me happy. Like my favorite animals: Lion, tiger, bear (oh my!) , elephant, kangaroo, rabbit, piglet, owl, whinnie the pooh.
or i draw, drawing is great but what i like most is duck tape! the color kind :D .
if that doesn't work i guess we all love chocolate, or ice cream! or- or CANDY!!!!!!!
mmmmmm love the stuff.
i like to excersize too, i'll pull myself up on mokey bars!the kind that spin!
these are some things that help me. what helps u guys? GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One morning 15 yr old bailey wakes up and is ready for a big day. she sees the hearing doctors and they tell her the bad news. Bailey has not been wanting this answer. "Bailey" said the doctor, "you have a new tumor that WILL need chemo therapy." The room starts to spin as Bailey thinks about the future, "52 weeks of chemo" said the doctor. Bailey looks at her mom who now has tears in her eyes. Bailey goes to her mom and says "mom, I will be fine. You don't need to worry."

Sunday, February 27, 2011


hello fellow NFers.....have you ever noticed how cool NF can be? HUH.....HUH....HAVE YA...HAVE YA??? well i know i have. if you look at it in the right way......we are kinda lucky. we get to be ourselves. sure people can tell us we are different but we've got to accept that and mold it into confidence Abraham Lincoln was thought as to having NF. he has tumors that you can notice in his pictures. he also wore his beard because he was covering tumors. anyway Lincoln took criticism from a lot of people. but he took hold of it and molded it into advice on how he could be better. he took insults and ignored them. i'm not saying it's easy to ignore or anything...cuz it's not. but i know if we stand together, we can beat the odds. we can stand above gossip, name calling,and the saddness and overwelmingness of NF. i know that together, united as one, we can do anything. a challenge i want EVERYONE to do this upcoming month is, tell FIVE not four, not six, FIVE people about NF and how u live with it. if u don't...........i don't know what i will do....but i'll do something! we. WILL tell the WORLD our story! c(:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MRI results.............dun dun DUN!

So toaday,
I went to children's hospital, I had a MRI and they found my brain tumor has slightly grown. They suggested a hearing test before they decide anything, but i know the results will end up being bad. I have noticed change in my hearing, i listened to my mp3 player and noticed when it is only in my right ear it sounds like a electric toy dying because of being in water. I talk on the phone sometimes and i have to switch it to my left ear because i can not hear anything out of my right ear.
They told me something that scared me pretty bad, they told me that if my hearing tests were lower that they'd put me through kemo therapy and see how it goes, and if that doesn't end u shrinking it then i will have to get surgury.
I try to be brave, I do everything I can to make a smile on someone's face. It is hard for a teenager to deal with school stress, homework stress, chore stress, babysitting stress, and what i'm going through. But I will stay stong!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

hey peoples!

hey guys how have you all been?
i have been good...... my MRI on the 24Th of February....we hope nothing bad is going to show up on the results....but we also hope that something would happen to make it so i can get surgery and just get this over know? so wish me luck! And i am going to go to camp on the second week like i went before....hope my friends can come too!! Elizabeth, Sarah, Maria, Phillip I got a nick name while i was is ducky, I am very excited to go to camp. Please comment, tell me if you know anything about camp...if you are going, or if you know who is going!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


so nothing much has happened, except the fact that my sister got her ears pierced :). and guess what else!!???!! i video taped it,even though the lady said no. i will give you guys the address so you can find it on you tube once we get it uploaded. i also sent in this nominator essay that the counselor gave me to do, and she says that i may have been chosen to be the winner because mine was the best!! i also have an up coming MRI but it gets changed so much, i don't even remember the date.and my mom is going to have me see this counselor, because of bottled up feelings of my real dad. i keep saying i don't need a counselor to tell me whats wrong with me because i already know, I'm sad, i miss my dad very much i don't know if those feelings will ever go away. a counselor is not going to make me feel better about missing my dad. but i also said ii would give her a chance.....what do you guys think i should do??

Sunday, January 9, 2011