Thursday, March 10, 2011


although i'm worried bout my upcoming surgury (port) i know i must push on with life. You can't go through life worrying about what could happen, make the best out of what u have! Yeah i have a tumor, but who gives a care? I sure don't. I have friends and family who care bout me, that's what makes me happy most of all. altough an ipod would be great too. I try to focus on things to make me happy. Like my favorite animals: Lion, tiger, bear (oh my!) , elephant, kangaroo, rabbit, piglet, owl, whinnie the pooh.
or i draw, drawing is great but what i like most is duck tape! the color kind :D .
if that doesn't work i guess we all love chocolate, or ice cream! or- or CANDY!!!!!!!
mmmmmm love the stuff.
i like to excersize too, i'll pull myself up on mokey bars!the kind that spin!
these are some things that help me. what helps u guys? GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!!


  1. Baby...I'd LOVE nothing more than to get u an IPOD touch....Let's save our pennies okay?!!!

    You are the best!

  2. When things get scary or overwhelming...I talk a walk...get some time alone.
    Let's make a deal...Anytime u are worried or afraid...let's take a walk and talk about it. Even at 3 in the morning. Deal?

  3. I love your positive attitude.

    You're very lucky to have friends and family that care about you!!

    I hope your surgery goes well, and I hope you get an iPod someday : )

    I can totally relate to your love of candy!!!

  4. :) hehe an ipod is the gift i've always been asking for, im going to save for it i my mom said, it'd be nice to have a rechargable portable music/phone..............wouldn't it?

  5. PHONE??? LOL That's an IPHONE not IPOD silly. If u got an'd have a better phone than ME! :P