Friday, March 2, 2012


I went to the hospital on Monday and then on Tuesday. I was SUPER dizzy and just didn't feel right. So I was hooked up to IV to get fluid and they took a lot of blood. I always hate that part.
The tests on Tuesday were exhausting!

I had my eyes checked, hearing checked, hormones checked...SOOOO many doctors!

Dr. Rush came in and talked about taking out my port. The stinkin port doesn't work anyways, so I was happy about that part...I wasn't happy to hear that I NOW have to do MORE CHEMO!

Since my tumor hasn't shrunk, I will be taking an chemo that comes in a pill. Im glad I wont have to be poked every single time, but MORE CHEMO???? :(

I know that doing chemo is what I have to do, even if it stinks. I will do whatever it takes to show this NF who is BOSS!

Life's Tough...But You Have To Prove That You're Tougher!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

OMG....A RAT!!

omg so i saw this white rat....with long whiskers, and pink eyes, with snow white hair.......

sitting there.....

in a cage.......

and it was...........


im thinking of naming it any good rat names??

shes really curios, and very sweet!