Saturday, March 12, 2011


so chemo is going to happen for sure on the 28th of march.......the day spring break starts. first i will go into surgury for half an hour and then they will start chemo immediatly after.i'm worried, and sometimes i want everyday to go by as slow as it can. but i know thst once this happens it'll be for the better. and thanks to everyone who has been supporting me, espeacially christina and stephanie, and most of all, my mom. how they put chemo in me is they put a needle that looks like a butterfly into my port and then i have to stay for like an hour while the medicine drips into me. everyone has their time to worry, but this is not my time.


  1. I love you more than chocolate! Muuahhh You are the best!

  2. you never seize to amaze me bailey. love ya. and i know u will fly through this like the butterfly you will have on your port. beautifully