Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hey guys!

im sooo excited! Today i got to ride in a limo! to a buffet called cinzetis (i dunno if its spelled right....its italian)
we were the center of attention (me and everyone who sold the most cookie dough out of the whole school which was 6 other kids & me)
we all became friends immediately and swapped phone numbers.
the people who i met were VERY nice. the girls were very bubbly and fun and the ONE dude was very nice...and polite.
it was awesome staring at people and knowing they couldnt see us through the window of the limo.
i saw some dudes trying to chase the limo...but they were easily passed up by our limo.
it was so awkward to come back to school with everyones eyes on us. now i know how famous people felt their first...couple times of arriving somewhere like that. AND IT WAS AWESOME!

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