Friday, November 25, 2011

omg really???!!

so today i go to the hospital and the doctors put on two pairs of gloves before giving me chemotherapy. i asked why they do that and they told me that its incase it gets on them. i asked why it would matter and they said it would burn their skin if it got on them!!
i am freaked out! that stuff is traveling through my body! comment on what u think bout that


  1. There is a book that Kelly Corrigan wrote. I think it's called The Middle Place. It's about her battle with breast cancer and how she had (possibly) the same medicine. The doctors used special gloves and it was so powerful she could only get it a few times EVER in her whole life.

    She's a brilliant writer and if you visit her website, she'll reply.

  2. Been through the same thing with my son (who is 6 and also has NF) and his chemo. One thing to keep in mind is that the nurses handle stuff like probably 10 or more times a day, so they have to be extra careful since these substances can have a big effect if you keep taking them over and over again. Having said that, yes, chemo agents are kind of scary, but then, they are some of the strongest medicines that we have. My son developed an allergy to the chemo agent he was on-- but luckily you never run into them outside the hospital!

  3. My daughter, Sara (who has NF), gets antibiotics like these. Sometimes her infections get so bad she has to be hospitalized and given very strong drugs. A nurse told me once that the one they were giving her could burn her skin and muscles from the inside out if it wasn't injected perfectly into the vein. I was so scared! So I can only imagine how you must feel.

    Stay strong! You're doing great! :)