Monday, July 18, 2011


so i went to camp for three days and in those three days i got to see horses, catch THREE fish in less then a hour, make arts and craft projects like a bird house, and a hourse shoe picture frame. i didnt get to stay as long as the other campers because i got very sick. i had a fever of 104! how they first found out was, i had asked the nurse to bring up some spray that nums your throat because mine was hurting like crazy. then i guess i fell asleep and she felt my face. she went back to the "depo" which is like a nurses office. and she brought back a thermometer. she then woke me up and got me outside when it was pitch black out. of course i was crying beacuse i knew they'd have to access me at the depo and i knew i would end up having to go home. so they accessed me, took blood pressure and heart rate, then they took blood. in the morning i was sent to the emergency room but my parents had to take me. it took at least 4 hours to get there through all the traffic. i had to spend the night at the hospital for five days until my white blood cell count went up. but one of those five long days, THE BRONCOS visited me! i was sooooo happy! and when we went home i had to tell the story as much as i could.


  1. God Bless you....My sweet daughter! I am so proud of you! You make my life better, each day I know you!

  2. Hi Bailey,
    I've been thinking a lot about you this summer. I'm sad that you missed camp. I remembered how much you loved it. I hope you feel better very soon. Love, Mrs. Stone

  3. So sorry that you had to come home from camp early. However, it sounds like it was fun for the three days you were there and it must have been cool to meet the Broncos! Hope you are feeling better and are drawing up a storm. I still have the golden crane you gave me in my office. Love, Ms. Marinac