Sunday, February 27, 2011


hello fellow NFers.....have you ever noticed how cool NF can be? HUH.....HUH....HAVE YA...HAVE YA??? well i know i have. if you look at it in the right way......we are kinda lucky. we get to be ourselves. sure people can tell us we are different but we've got to accept that and mold it into confidence Abraham Lincoln was thought as to having NF. he has tumors that you can notice in his pictures. he also wore his beard because he was covering tumors. anyway Lincoln took criticism from a lot of people. but he took hold of it and molded it into advice on how he could be better. he took insults and ignored them. i'm not saying it's easy to ignore or anything...cuz it's not. but i know if we stand together, we can beat the odds. we can stand above gossip, name calling,and the saddness and overwelmingness of NF. i know that together, united as one, we can do anything. a challenge i want EVERYONE to do this upcoming month is, tell FIVE not four, not six, FIVE people about NF and how u live with it. if u don't...........i don't know what i will do....but i'll do something! we. WILL tell the WORLD our story! c(:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MRI results.............dun dun DUN!

So toaday,
I went to children's hospital, I had a MRI and they found my brain tumor has slightly grown. They suggested a hearing test before they decide anything, but i know the results will end up being bad. I have noticed change in my hearing, i listened to my mp3 player and noticed when it is only in my right ear it sounds like a electric toy dying because of being in water. I talk on the phone sometimes and i have to switch it to my left ear because i can not hear anything out of my right ear.
They told me something that scared me pretty bad, they told me that if my hearing tests were lower that they'd put me through kemo therapy and see how it goes, and if that doesn't end u shrinking it then i will have to get surgury.
I try to be brave, I do everything I can to make a smile on someone's face. It is hard for a teenager to deal with school stress, homework stress, chore stress, babysitting stress, and what i'm going through. But I will stay stong!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

hey peoples!

hey guys how have you all been?
i have been good...... my MRI on the 24Th of February....we hope nothing bad is going to show up on the results....but we also hope that something would happen to make it so i can get surgery and just get this over know? so wish me luck! And i am going to go to camp on the second week like i went before....hope my friends can come too!! Elizabeth, Sarah, Maria, Phillip I got a nick name while i was is ducky, I am very excited to go to camp. Please comment, tell me if you know anything about camp...if you are going, or if you know who is going!