My Make a Wish

In November....I got my wish to go to Disney World.  

It was AMAZING!  We stayed in Villas at Give Kids the World.
I'm standing behind the bunny sign!
Our family got TWO Villas and a BIG van!

 We got to see Santa and pick out one gift!

I know..I know..It's Barney.  LOL

Check out 'Give Kids the World'

 This is Amberville!  It has a Golf Course and also video games.  
It's a nice place to chill out and relax!

 You can ride this train...It's pretty cool!

 This thing sucks up trash thru its nose!

 This is the Safari Theatre.  You can watch movies here and they also have activities here!

 The Ice Cream Shop!  YUM  We ate here A LOT!

 Castle of Miracles and the Carasel!


 The Ginger Bread House--Yummy!

A cute little sized!