Wednesday, February 13, 2013


on top of everything else. i have to now use, a bi-pap.
i hate this so much
i feel like i cant breathe when i have it on...the sight of it makes me wanna cry.
heres a poem. By Bailey Archer:

Where Am I ?
The world is spinning.
It feels as though gravity is pressing down on me with the heavy weight of the earth.
Where am I?
A cold,
Unforgiving place.
A place where the light never goes.
A child’s nightmare.
I’m running,
From what I don’t know.
I’m running from what I’m afraid to be.
I’m running from the things people want me to be.
Twisting and spinning,
Having trouble,
Can’t quite see where I am heading yet.
I see a light,
A light at the end of the long stretching road.
One brighter and more pure then I have ever seen before.
I hurl myself out of the pit of who I’m not.
I pull myself up.
I run wide eyed,
Into the mysterious magic of the bright light.
I am here.
The place I wanted to be. The place I longed to be.