Thursday, January 20, 2011


so nothing much has happened, except the fact that my sister got her ears pierced :). and guess what else!!???!! i video taped it,even though the lady said no. i will give you guys the address so you can find it on you tube once we get it uploaded. i also sent in this nominator essay that the counselor gave me to do, and she says that i may have been chosen to be the winner because mine was the best!! i also have an up coming MRI but it gets changed so much, i don't even remember the date.and my mom is going to have me see this counselor, because of bottled up feelings of my real dad. i keep saying i don't need a counselor to tell me whats wrong with me because i already know, I'm sad, i miss my dad very much i don't know if those feelings will ever go away. a counselor is not going to make me feel better about missing my dad. but i also said ii would give her a chance.....what do you guys think i should do??

Sunday, January 9, 2011