Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey guys guess what i found out today? I found out my blog was chosen for a cancer and NF outlook page!!! Now tons of people are going to be looking at my blog everyday!!! But I owe a thanks to all of you who comment on my blog. I was chosen by how well people like my blog. Thank you guys!!! When i got the news i was super excited! Also my mom's blog got chosen!! Her and I looked at each other and we gave each other with hudge smiles on our faces. Hey guys geuss what else?? I have been trying to start my own book!! Called "A Child's Veiw into NF" I am doing the book because i was inspired by my own blog!! I am also making stuff for children in the hospitals (can't reveal it yet) and i need a favor from you guys, i need you all except stephanie to give me a dare to do before next month is over......ok stephanie you can too but.....nothing that involves the boys in my class >:O..........haha

Saturday, November 13, 2010


hey tomorrow at 3:30 i am going to get ready and get in the car then we are off!! I am so happy that make a wish did made my wish be so close!! I can't wait i promise i will try to keep all of you guys updated. Hey look up tower of terror videos on youtube I am going to go on it!!! Where do we stay you ask? Well we stay at the give kids the world villa of course! Whats there you are wondering? Well there's an ice cream shop, a gingerbread restaraunt and in there they serve breakfast and lunch, they even have a marry-go-round, they also have a building where you can make pillows. But to make the pillows you have to sing with elmo you sing "i don't wanna be chicken i don't wanna be a duck so i'll shake my butt!!"...............i was just laughing when i saw these videos. Ok well i will keep updating. Thanks for looking at my blog! Talk to you l8tr.

Monday, November 1, 2010

MY MAKE A WISH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!! Guess what?????? I got a make a wish!!!! I am so excited!! Guess what i chose. I chose Disney World. We are leaving on the 14th of november. And get back on the 20th of november. So when they called my mom they were surprized they called so early. They said we are sorry but Bailey's secound wish (back up wish) can not happen.............because............ we are doing her first wish!! they sure did trick my mom at first. 8) I am counting down the days. When we geet there, i am going to a party in the movie theater thats in the village for teens ONLY...its gonna be awesome.