Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today started out when my mom woke me up at 5:25 AM. I was very tired and was constintly tripping over myself. My mom brought into the car some cinimon rolls, (which are not my favorite breakfast) I was very thankful for the sweet, sticky, bread roll. Alltough I didn't eat it all. The whole day was going from one doctor to the next. First I went to get a MRI (that takes very good pictures of my insides, but I hate how loud it was) I got to watch "Pirates of The Carribean" during my MRI. The worst part was when they stuck me with needles THREE different times! Two (one on each elbow) and one that finaly worked (in my hand). After that I went to get a hearing test (I HATE the pressure test) I did pretty goood though on that test. Next stop was my chemo. I get on my numming cream (as I call it) and wait to be called in. As they got to the last part of chemo they came up with my MRI scan results. Unfortunatly, I failed this see.. my brain tumor actually grew! This was not good news for me. My mom starts crying and then I realized how serious it was. The ride home was a quiet one. But I did get a of my most favorite frozen drinks. when I got home my parents went to talk about what happened. I fell asleep when I was supposed to be babysitting...I don't think they were too happy about that. Finally, later on in our day I felt well enough to go swimming. I loge the feel of cold water on my face that was burning in the sun. After that we ate dinner, got washed up, and took a well deserved rest
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  1. Be strong Bailey. And milk it for as many slushies as you can get, kid! :-)
    I'm sure your parents understood you falling alseep, too. You are awesome and strong and sometimes we all need a little break.
    We're praying for you - here and everywhere.

  2. You are beautiful sweetheart. Sounds like you had a busy day on Wednesday.
    No wonder you were tired!! You didn't fail the MRI honey, it's just that the tumor didn't respond to the medication the way everyone hoped. Now that it's bigger there will be new plans to get you better and this will require more treatment. I know how disappointing this must be for you and for your family. I'm sure that you would rather be doing other things. You are incredibly brave Bailey. You and your Mom are my heroes .


    Sue from Canada

  3. Kathy from CanadaJune 23, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    You are an inspiration! Like Sue said, you didn't fail the MRI.
    You have sooo many people who are cheering for you...and praying for you!
    You and your mama are superstars for NF! Keep up the fight sweetheart!