Wednesday, April 27, 2011


first of all i gotta say that if u are looking for someone who u want to care for a bf then plz plz plz plz PLZ choose wisely. so for now i have two weeks off of chemo and I'm glad. nothing much to say today except for choose guys/girls wisely u don't wanna end up with the wrong person. my mom told me how this college team is gonna "adopt" me into their team and it's a lacrosse team and i will get to go to their games for free and hang out with them just some stuff to keep my mind off cemo. till next time

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  1. thats awesome Bailey.. and you know what .. any guy whos going to hurt you and mess with you . is not worth the time of day!

    and hey .. choose your friends wisely. you have done a great job at that!!!! (we all have a odd few we choose and boot away )

    Love you Bailey.