Saturday, February 5, 2011

hey peoples!

hey guys how have you all been?
i have been good...... my MRI on the 24Th of February....we hope nothing bad is going to show up on the results....but we also hope that something would happen to make it so i can get surgery and just get this over know? so wish me luck! And i am going to go to camp on the second week like i went before....hope my friends can come too!! Elizabeth, Sarah, Maria, Phillip I got a nick name while i was is ducky, I am very excited to go to camp. Please comment, tell me if you know anything about camp...if you are going, or if you know who is going!


  1. Bailey - my son has an MRI on the 24th as well we will say a prayer for you too!

    God Bless,
    Angelia m/o Baby Nicholas

  2. man the 24th is a popular day! i have a 2nd follow up appt with my surgeon! my mris arnt untill march ! all will go fine for you i know!

    and thats awesome about camp!

  3. Ducky! cute

    good luck with the MRI and have a great time at camp :)