Monday, July 25, 2011


Bailey with a couple of the Broncos!  Hubba Hubba!

Monday, July 18, 2011


so i went to camp for three days and in those three days i got to see horses, catch THREE fish in less then a hour, make arts and craft projects like a bird house, and a hourse shoe picture frame. i didnt get to stay as long as the other campers because i got very sick. i had a fever of 104! how they first found out was, i had asked the nurse to bring up some spray that nums your throat because mine was hurting like crazy. then i guess i fell asleep and she felt my face. she went back to the "depo" which is like a nurses office. and she brought back a thermometer. she then woke me up and got me outside when it was pitch black out. of course i was crying beacuse i knew they'd have to access me at the depo and i knew i would end up having to go home. so they accessed me, took blood pressure and heart rate, then they took blood. in the morning i was sent to the emergency room but my parents had to take me. it took at least 4 hours to get there through all the traffic. i had to spend the night at the hospital for five days until my white blood cell count went up. but one of those five long days, THE BRONCOS visited me! i was sooooo happy! and when we went home i had to tell the story as much as i could.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Bailey is away at camp....Leave your message and she will get them when she returns!