Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Hey everyone. Sorry about my absence. Been going to alot of babysitting jobs. And by the time I get back, I am wiped out!
I've been trying to create a children's book series. AND it's going GREAT. I have the first one all finished. Now  I am working hard on the next one. :) they are very colorful and have a ton of detail put into them. I am very excited to hopefully get them published.


  1. Hi Bailey I have not read your blog in a Few years. I also have NF and suffered near fatal counsequences. Do you get SSI moneyfrom your condition because I do and could maybe give you some advice. If you would like to get paid more money babysitting why not get help from department of vocational rehabilitation and they would help you find a real job. Also are you attending community college? There is financial aid to help and after age 24 you do not need to report your parents income in most states at least. I am glad you survived your brain tumor or whatever you had as a unfortunate man I once met died of an NF related tumor this year only 22 years old. Respond and I will give you my email address for more information on these topics.

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