Saturday, May 9, 2015

Well. Guess what?

Today marks the day of something special.
About three weeks ago, I started the low carb diet with my mother, Kristi.
I have been doing VERY well. And I'm extremely happy with my progress.  I will not put my weight on the blog because I have alot of issues being self concious about it. But I will say that today marks the day I've lost 15 pounds. :)
I'm adding a before and after pic.  Please no bad comments.


  1. Hey girl! Your blog is all new! It looks great and so do you! I really hope you are doing well! Can't wait to hear more about the book series. Tell your mom haaaaay for me!

  2. Keep doing what you are doing -Bailey , you are beautiful. A number on the scale doesn't change your worth .
    I'm trying to keep my weight in check for health reasons and to fit into my jeans.

  3. You taled to a doctor or nurse before diet right? At least a dietician or dietetic technician is necessary before beginning a diet. Yes low carb works because your body stores carbs as fat more than the nutrients listed as fat on a food label. Also your weight gain may be related to an NF neuroendocrine tumor ie Cushing syndrome caused by a pheocrycytoma or adenoma in the adrenal glands rare in NF but more common in the similar disease van hippel lindau

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