Monday, December 8, 2014

hello :)

Here I am again. And I finally have my first volunteer gig at FRIENDS set up! :) I get to help with stuff like decorations and set up. I'm very excited. And I really hope that they ask for me again. Other than that. Everything is going really well. I'm gonna be 19 soon! :) I'm really excited. I love this time of the year so much!

The cold keeps me from outside.
But the warmth and love surrounds me inside.
I smell the ham cooking in all of it's honey glazed glory.
I taste the hot chocolate, not too hot, not too cold.
The warm, tick chocolate runs past my lips and falls over my tongue.
The sweet taste, and bits of mint and marshmallows mix with the rich chocolate.
I feel it warm my body as it runs down my throat.
I smell the Christmas tree and imagine how nature created each and every needle.
Together they form a perfect tree.
But apart, they are only needles.
I love this time of the year.
~Bailey Archer