Friday, January 11, 2013

MY Bracelets

 I will be making and selling these very special and very beautiful bracelets for special order, and special color. i can make them say 'almost' anything. But they gotta be short words. Or one long word. The pictures are an example. The bracelets will be $10.00 (free shipping in U.S. only.) I'm doing this to raise money for my family, and help out. CLICK the donate button----->>
and tell me how many you want, what colors, and what size. 


  1. go to the donate button. and tell me how many and what colors

  2. What do those bracelets say Bailey? You did a great job!

  3. Nf and thrive is what they say

  4. Hi Bailey!
    I was so exited to find your blog!
    My son has a best friend who has NF. He is 13 and has undergone 42 surgeries. The secondary disease he has is Scoliosis. I made a Facebook prayer page for him. I will share your website with his mom. If you would be interested in possible writing him, I could give you his address. He is at Shriners Hospital now in Portland, Oregon. Love your blog! Keep sharing HOPE.
    Hugs, Brandie

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