Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Presented My Video Today!

     So, today I presented my video.
The class was kinda unsure about everything, but they all listened. (:
It was kinda cool to get my story out there.
After the video i started getting so many compliments... I'm even in another group (I'm in three huge groups now) They called it "the pretty peeps group"...just some popular kids..haha...
But, if my besty, Jessie wasn't there while I presented to my own class...I'm pretty sure I would've stayed quiet...(: love you Jessie! Today was just a REALLY greaet day! I had hardly any work to do, Jessie got me this realllllyyyy yummy starbucks iced coffee with chocolate chunks and chocolate syrup in it, I got to present to my class, AND i got to see my gentleman caller! hahaha (:


  1. Good job and thanks for teaching others about NF.
    I love the new design of your blog. I might steal some of the ideas because I love the color blue.
    I go to Starbucks quite often these days, and like many, I love chocolate, can you find out the name of that drink you had?

  2. my son alex has nf1 he just did a mri we found out he has ubo"S on his brian what can i do

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