Monday, June 18, 2012


camp was alot of fun!
i got to help all the other campers have fun. The water fight we had was one of my favorite parts.....near the end of it a big fire truck pulled up and the firefighter took out his hose and started squirting everyone!
another favorite part was when i went to a lake and sat on a rock....i was minding my own buisness when three chipmunks came up to me. so i fed them and thats when they started jumping on my lap trying to grab the food out of my even went inside my backpack!
i made alot of paintings at camp to raise money. one of them is in the camp art auction.
i cant wait to hear how much someone bid on it!


  1. So glad you had a fun time at camp. Our Brittany is undergoing 6 weeks of daily radiation for her benign brain tumor. Too close to her eye to operate, she's already lost sight in one eye. Hope for success.

  2. my dear Bailey wil be give me your email id. my sister is going throught the same phase

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