Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Look good....feel better"

this was a great opportunity to get some good make-up! it was at the childrens hospital last night and it was very fun. another girl and I were there and we were given make up lessons. the lady teaching us how to put on make-up did make up for famous people!this organization is also for boys. there was alot of wigs there. i picked a punk rock one and a blonde poofy one like the girls from the movie "hairspray" wear. they were both for fun.
i loved this and hope to do something like it again soon

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hey guys!

im sooo excited! Today i got to ride in a limo! to a buffet called cinzetis (i dunno if its spelled right....its italian)
we were the center of attention (me and everyone who sold the most cookie dough out of the whole school which was 6 other kids & me)
we all became friends immediately and swapped phone numbers.
the people who i met were VERY nice. the girls were very bubbly and fun and the ONE dude was very nice...and polite.
it was awesome staring at people and knowing they couldnt see us through the window of the limo.
i saw some dudes trying to chase the limo...but they were easily passed up by our limo.
it was so awkward to come back to school with everyones eyes on us. now i know how famous people felt their first...couple times of arriving somewhere like that. AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


my day started out like any ordinary Saturday, tired and sleepy waking up all nice and cozy warm in my huge comforter. As I start to wake up a little bit more, I realize that today is the day I go to meet the lacrosse team! I get dressed and ready to go. I am super excited, I can't wait to meet my team!
as we approach the BIG brown building I get excited all over again! (Not to mention starving!)
when we get inside I meet everyone and eat a yummy hot breakfast mmmm french toast that tasted like cake, eggs that were SUPER fluffy, and bacon that was just PERFECT.
After that I get to go and see my locker! YEP i got a locker, AND NEW GEAR! So we played the Wii for a while after that and i sucked helium outta my balloons by the way it way hilarious to hear myself laugh! And after that i got a tour of the whole campus. it is very pretty filled with flowers and green fields. After the tour i got to watch an intense game...I even heard someone say one of the girls got whacked in the face! It was super hot while I was on the field! I don't know how they can put up with it all the time. After the game I got my gear signed and then started to pack up and go home. I said my thank you's and goodbyes then we were on our way home. After the perfect day, I had a good night sleep, and that's where I leave you now. :)