Saturday, September 4, 2010

hey ya guys!!!!! :) :)

so today my grandma and uncle are coming over. I think it'll be fun but the downside is they had to get rid of their new doggy :( my uncle has NF1 just like us he had a troubled past of getting sick but it's all good now. I hope we will do fun stuff before they leave!!! My uncle has a tumor that makes his check sag down and look puffy i don't remember what it was called though. You know what would be fun?? IF YOU GUYS PLAYED WWW.WOOZWORLD.COM AND THEN TRIED TO LOOK FOR ME I AM BAILEY973 ON THE GAME AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN SEE YOU THERE

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  1. have fun with your grandma and your uncle. im sure it will be a blast! . give your mom a hug for me when you see her !

    lv ya girl!