Saturday, April 17, 2010


on Friday afternoon i had found out that i might not get the surgery i wanted i might have to have the one i feared of having the one where they cut open my skull when i heard this i went ballistic i couldn't stop crying. when i was told about this i was so scared. i was thinking, whst's going to happen to me, i was thinking will my mom at least visit me everyday, i was thinking about them taking off my skull, i was thinking what if something goes horribly wrong, i was thinking all these scary things then, today that feeling is gone i know that what ever happens it's because GOD wanted it to happenHead of Christ by Warner Sallman


  1. Bailey,
    I know the thoughts and feelings you are going through. I almost had to go through the same kind of surgery. And I was just as scared as you are. I am here if you ever want to talk. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Bailey, I haven't known you or your mother very long but I think you are both just so wonderful and brave and you are such a cool and mature person. You are handling all of this like such a grown-up and I know you know it is totally cool and okay to break down and be upset. I feel so lucky to even be able to read you and your mother's blog, let alone be friends. We're all behind you and I know we'll all be thinking and praying.

  3. Bailey,
    my Genna has NF, and she had to have similar surgery a few years ago. She was pretty scared too...but I never left her (well, except during the actual surgery, eek!), but we were with her every minute after...she was home in just 3 days, and back at school in a week or two. It was kind of scary, but we just asked LOTS of questions so we'd know what to expect afterwards...

    We will be praying for Can Do it!
    Kristin Camiolo & the Cams fam!

  4. My sweet sweet Bailey Boo....I love you soooo much! You are so strong and inspire me everyday! I will be there every second - that the drs will let me be!

    You make me so proud!
    <3 Mommy

  5. Hey Bailey,
    Hang in there. My daughter went thru' pretty scary brain surgery followed by 6 weeks of radiation. She was scared too. I spent the whole week with her in the hospital. The ladies in the coffee shop got to know me pretty well and would have my latte ready for me when the saw me coming :-)
    Jess still has her brain tumour cos it's in her brain stem so it can never be fully removed. So now we *watch and wait*. Hopefully we wait and watch that nothing more will happen.
    We can all pray for you, pray for peace of mind, pray for the skilled doctors, pray for mummy who is probably scared too. ((hugs))

  6. Hi Bailey
    my 12 year old son's name is BAILEY too and he has NF2... in September 2009 he had brain surgery to remove his meningioma at Cornell Hospital in NYC.... although we were all REALLY scared, he got through it very quickly ( said it was much less painfull than his spine surgery to remove spinal meningioma ) and he was back in school 2 weeks after getting out of hospital. I hope you get your laptop on time for your surgery and I am sure you will be fine. Good luck and keep us posted xoxo

  7. Bailey,

    You are waaay more powerful than you imagine. Of course, no one can blame you for being afraid. But it is so obvious that you have survived so much and are such an amazing inspiration to others. This is the next step in your journey and I promise you will find stregnth in unexpected places and God's grace in hidden places! It isnt easy but you will overcome it all and be a blessing to all who know you! Your courage is an inspiration.

  8. You are very brave! I think it's great that you have a blog to work out your feelings.

    I hope your surgery goes very well, and you have an easy recovery : )