Thursday, September 29, 2016

Been so long!

 Hello all :) sorry it's been so long since my last blog.  A lot has happened this year.. Our babysitting business has grown a lot.. I got to attend NF camp and made a whole bunch of new friends. And, my uncle passed away.
  Camp was a lot of fun, we went white water rafting. And we went to lagoon, rode on the cannibal and lots of other rides! :)
  White water rafting was fun too. We were even allowed in the water!(:
We got to do other fun things at camp too; like scavanger hunts, horse riding, high and low ropes and capture the flag.
  My favorite is the horses because, they let me ride them by myself. I love riding horses so much. I'd love to learn how to jump hurdles. I can't wait to go again. (:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Well. Guess what?

Today marks the day of something special.
About three weeks ago, I started the low carb diet with my mother, Kristi.
I have been doing VERY well. And I'm extremely happy with my progress.  I will not put my weight on the blog because I have alot of issues being self concious about it. But I will say that today marks the day I've lost 15 pounds. :)
I'm adding a before and after pic.  Please no bad comments.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Hey everyone. Sorry about my absence. Been going to alot of babysitting jobs. And by the time I get back, I am wiped out!
I've been trying to create a children's book series. AND it's going GREAT. I have the first one all finished. Now  I am working hard on the next one. :) they are very colorful and have a ton of detail put into them. I am very excited to hopefully get them published.

Monday, December 8, 2014

hello :)

Here I am again. And I finally have my first volunteer gig at FRIENDS set up! :) I get to help with stuff like decorations and set up. I'm very excited. And I really hope that they ask for me again. Other than that. Everything is going really well. I'm gonna be 19 soon! :) I'm really excited. I love this time of the year so much!

The cold keeps me from outside.
But the warmth and love surrounds me inside.
I smell the ham cooking in all of it's honey glazed glory.
I taste the hot chocolate, not too hot, not too cold.
The warm, tick chocolate runs past my lips and falls over my tongue.
The sweet taste, and bits of mint and marshmallows mix with the rich chocolate.
I feel it warm my body as it runs down my throat.
I smell the Christmas tree and imagine how nature created each and every needle.
Together they form a perfect tree.
But apart, they are only needles.
I love this time of the year.
~Bailey Archer

Friday, November 21, 2014

Is it too soon?

Ok... So I've noticed CHRISTMAS trees already up. My neighbor lives right across from us.. and through the kitchen window I can see a great big Christmas tree! Isn't it too early?

Anyway. I've started to write children's books. They have very cute drawing in them too. Maybe once it's all ready, I can link you to where to buy it.

Life has been pretty good here at home. I do MOPS every time that I can. And the place I volunteered at is getting my paperwork together so I can get started. And I've been having LOTS of babysitting jobs as well (:

Have a good day everyone. And I'll try to write more often. :-*


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm back :)

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting as much as I used to. I've been really busy.
Things are going okay now. I'm finished with school. My last MRI went great. I AM STABLE!
Now they only want to see me ONCE every year!
I still have lots of back pain. And I am currently doing a bunch of exercises to help with it.
Alot of good has happened since my last post. But also, alot of bad has happened too. I broke up with my fiance. This was a sad moment.. but it also was a great relief. No one wants to be stuck with someone who treats them bad everyday. I also let go of almost all of my close friends when I broke up with him. His family is very persuasive. And made all my friends on HIS side. My "best friend" decided to go ahead and date him....this was the girl that " I didn't need to worry about".
 So. i decided enough was enough. I told her that it wasn't right what she did. And told her I didn't think I could trust her again. So I stopped being her friend. My only other best friend left told me that I would never succeed in life.. That ALL I could do was FAIL. But I proved them ALL wrong. I'm moving on. I'm making better choices. And I'm accomplishing my dreams of helping special needs people. (:
I'm doing what everyone said I couldn't . And I couldn't be prouder of myself.

Monday, May 13, 2013

MRI time

Fergus helping Bailey to feel better.....Thank you to the Children's Hospital for allowing her doggie to come with her today!!  Fergus has truly helped keep Bailey calm.